What is the strongest Calamity boss?

What is the strongest Calamity boss?

Calamity is a popular modification for the game Terraria, adding a variety of challenging bosses to the game. Among these bosses, there are several contenders for the title of the strongest Calamity boss. In this article, we will discuss some of the most powerful bosses in the Calamity mod.

1. Supreme Calamitas

Supreme Calamitas is widely regarded as the strongest boss in the Calamity mod. It is a post-Moon Lord boss and can only be summoned in the Calamity dimension. Supreme Calamitas has a wide range of devastating attacks and can quickly overwhelm players if they are not prepared. Defeating Supreme Calamitas requires excellent timing, reflexes, and powerful gear.


  • Void Barrage: Supreme Calamitas fires a barrage of projectiles that home in on the player, dealing massive damage.
  • Soul Seeker: A powerful laser attack that can pierce through blocks, making it difficult to avoid.
  • Devourer of Gods’ Revenge: Supreme Calamitas summons a giant skeletal dragon head that charges at the player, dealing immense damage on contact.

2. The Devourer of Gods

The Devourer of Gods is another incredibly powerful boss in the Calamity mod. It is also a post-Moon Lord boss and can only be summoned in the Calamity dimension. The Devourer of Gods has high health and deals massive damage, making it a formidable opponent.


  • Serpent Phase: The Devourer of Gods transforms into a serpent-like creature and charges at the player, inflicting major damage.
  • Storm Phase: The boss flies into the air and summons lightning bolts to strike the player.
  • True Ragnarok: The Devourer of Gods fires a massive laser beam that sweeps across the screen. This attack is extremely dangerous and can be hard to dodge.
What is the strongest Calamity boss?

3. Yharon, the Jungle Dragon

Yharon, the Jungle Dragon, is another challenging Calamity boss. It can only be fought in the Jungle biome during the day after defeating the Lunatic Cultist. Yharon has multiple phases and progressively becomes more difficult as the battle progresses.


  • Phase 1: Yharon flies around, breathing fire and summoning dragon minions.
  • Phase 2: Yharon transforms into a more powerful form and gains new attacks.
  • Phase 3: Yharon becomes even stronger and faster, making him a true challenge for players.

In conclusion, the Calamity mod introduces several extremely powerful bosses to Terraria. Supreme Calamitas, the Devourer of Gods, and Yharon, the Jungle Dragon, are among the strongest Calamity bosses that provide a tough challenge for even the most experienced players. Defeating them requires careful preparation, skillful maneuvering, and powerful equipment.

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